Science terms a to z puzzle

This company made the game Heavy Rain. A new method, idea, product, etc. Helicotrema a tiny hole where compartments communicate at the tip of the cochlea. Living sustainably means ecologically sensible practices such as reuse and recycling, water and power conservation, and reduction of trash and other wastes.

Organ a structure within a multicellular organism that is made up different types of tissues working together to perorm a particular function, e. Red giant — Cool star nearing the end of its cycle. Most of it is generated by sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide air pollution. Clocks from around the world Sea Level - The level of the ocean at any time.

Galaxy — an enormous gravitationally bound assemblage of millions or billions of stars. The construction enables telescopes to move 8 meter primary mirrors.

Often has the effect of making the bed of a stream or flood plain rise. Site of bud formation in flowering plants. Hydrazine — Colorless liquid which burns quickly and used as rocket and missile fuel.

Schwann cell a cell that produces the mylin sheath around a nerve cell Sclerenchyma a support tissue in plants Sclerotin an insoluble tanned protein permeating and stiffening the chitin of the cuticle of arthropods Second messenger a molecule found within a cell which is activated by the binding of a chemical messenger to a receptor on the cell surface membrane Secondary structure the way in which a polypeptide is coiled or folded Sediment any solid material that has settled out of a state of suspension in liquid.

Reaches from 0 calm to 12 hurricane. Electronic ignition systems have no points or condenser, but instead have a reluctor, sensor, and electronic control unit. Star hopping — Techniques using familiar patterns of stars to hop from one part of the sky to another; this is done through the use of a telescope and the naked eye.

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Lunar eclipse — a phenomenon caused by the Earth passing between the sun and moon. Physical devices located on a desk or in a server-room rack.

Earth Plate Tectonics: Vocabulary Terms and Definitions

Continuous variation variation of a characteristic within a population, such that a complete range of forms can be seen. The process in organisms of eliminating waste material. Quasar — Highly energetic core in a young galaxy believed to be powered by a big black hole; Short for quasi-stellar object.

Benign fluid fill sacs appear well circumscribed. Rusting damages metal parts so it is important to prevent it. Photosphere — Visible surface of the sun. So far, this principle has not worked its way up the food chain into the dealings of nation-states with each other.

I Igneous - of rock is the matter formed as moulten entremely hot liquid rock cools and hardens. Optics — Study of light and its properties; Lenses or mirrors.

Fireball — A very bright meteor. Open cluster — System containing a few dozen to a few thousand stars that formed from the same stellar nursery. Small paths between rows minimize soil compaction and maximize plant microclimates.

It is one of the by-products of combustion from automobiles and airplanes. Gamete a reproductive cell that fuses with another gamete to form a zygote.

Aerobic respiration the breakdown of glucose in the presence of oxygen to yield energy. This is called a neutralisation reaction. Gaseous exchange the movement of gases between an organism and its environment. Coenzyme an organic molecule that associates with an enzyme to catalyse a biochemical reaction.

Infrared — a form of light with slightly lower energy than visible light but with greater energy than radio waves. Event horizon — An invisible boundary around a black hole from which nothing can escape the gravitational pull, not even light.

The climax ecosystem is the stablest and most productive. The North Pole and South Pole. Angular size is the angle between two lines of sight to its two opposite sides. Biology Terms and Definitions (A-Z) A Abiotic factor any of the nonliving factors that make up the environment of living organisms.

Abscisic acid a plant growth substance which acts mainly as a growth inhibitor Absorption the process by which dissolved substances are taken up by cells Absorption spectrum a graph showing the relative amounts of. 5th Grade Science Vocabulary Words abiotic factor A nonliving part of an ecosystem.

acceleration Change in velocity with respect to time. action The force one object applies to a second, as in Newton’s third law of motion. GEOGRAPHY A TO Z ACTIVITY Geography A to Z: The Letter C Click for a PDF (portable document format) printable version.

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Scroll down or click for an answer key for the work sheet. Click for Geography A to Z Activities from previous weeks. Click for Ideas for Using Geography A to Z in the Classroom. Science Dictionary Welcome to the Online Science Dictionary.

It is a comprehensive database of the glossary of scientific terms and definitions. geology -- the science that deals with the study of the planet Earth--the materials of which it is made, the processes that act to change these materials from one form to another, and the history recorded by these materials; the forces acting to deform the outer layers of the Earth and create ocean basins and continents.

Science Dictionary, Glossary and Terms: Corrosive - Is the wearing away of the surface of a metal by chemical reactions with oxygen and water. When a metal reacts with substances around it, such as water or air, it corrodes.

Science terms a to z puzzle
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